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The Arcus Innovation Roadmap has been developed by the Arcus Innovation Institute of Arcus Consulting Group, a leading Research and Strategy consulting firm.

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Leadership Viewpoint on Innovation

Innovation: Ms. Janine Keogh, VP- Consumer Insight & Strategy, Kraft Canada says innovation requires a framework. Read more.

Collaboration: An interview with Mr. Victor Garcia, CTO of HP. He says new technologies will drive performance and collaboration. Read more.

Financial Services Roundtable

“The overriding lesson is to expect the unexpected and don’t take anything for granted” Mr. Jim Leech, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

CSR and Sustainability Roundtable

“Embedding sustainability in an organization is a necessary condition to run a successful business. Every leader in an organization has the responsibility for sustainability. It’s not the responsibility of only the ‘General Manager of Sustainability” –  Ms. Jody Kuzenko, General Manager, Sustainability at Vale’s Base Metals

What does it take to innovate?

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap (AIR) is designed as an aid for planning and to allow individuals and teams at organizations design, develop and deploy innovations in people, processes, products, services and many other areas. The program is designed to answer thousands of questions that innovators have today. Some examples:

  • What are the requirements for successful innovation plan?
  • How can I manage the risk of failure?
  • How can I harness the creativity of my team / organization?
  • What steps will help me plan and manage an innovation process?
  • How can we ensure that innovation leads to revenue growth?
  • What is required to manage an innovation portfolio?
  • How can we mange resources to improve our innovation initiatives?

Arcus Innovation Roadmap

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap is designed to empower individuals and teams to plan, design, develop and deploy innovations in people, process, product, service and hundreds of other areas. The Roadmap has 30 in-depth modules clustered under four major innovation steps to allow for flexible learning to meet unique requirements.

Start your Innovation Plan today.

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap (AIR) is designed to allow individuals and teams at organizations to plan, design, develop and deploy innovations in people, processes, products, services and many other areas. An innovation plan can have a dramatic impact on productivity, outcomes and organizational performance.

The Roadmap will help you transform yourself and your organization into world-class innovators. The framework has been tested in 36 industries and over 5000 managers and senior executives. It is a stable, robust and comprehensive knowledge roadmap to drive growth, performance and capacity.

Innovation ahead

The design and process is based a proven process developed by the Arcus Innovation Institute with industry experts and is based on Arcus’s proven approach on innovation programs. Arcus has researched over 3500 innovation case studies to develop a framework based on best practices in planning innovation. Arcus has also delivered a number of innovation programs including the Harvard ManageMentor program of Harvard Business School.

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap consists of a complimentary innovation workshop that can be delivered in-person or by video conference to geographically dispersed teams followed by a self directed online program consisting of over 30 modules structured in four practical Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy stages to enable you to manage your innovation project at each step of the way from start to completion.


It is designed to allow teams to leverage modules to address their address their unique requirements in three essential areas:

Define Outcomes: Even the most competent individual or organization that deploys resources effectively still needs to invest in innovation to improve practices and outcomes. Because this is the practical stage of any innovation initiative. without the right resources in the right place, it will not be possible to take an innovation initiative from start to completion.

Develop Strategies: As you would know, resource allocation is critical to strategy development and needs to be designed to be integral to aligning innovation to strategic objectives. One approach that has worked well is to split resources equally to improve existing products and processes, searching out adjacencies and exploring completely new opportunities.

Manage Change: Every individual and organization has its own history and set of capabilities which determine its innovation competency. Individuals and organizations can’t change overnight to operate differently. It takes dedication and small steps to improve processes.

Innovation workshop (Optional)

Pre‐workshop survey of desired outcomes from the workshop, an 8‐step innovations workshop and a coaching and mentoring program after the workshop, if desired.

Self-directed Innovation Roadmap Modules (1 year subscription)

This next step is a self-directed online process that will guide you through three stages consisting of 30 modules. Each module contains easy to follow steps such as managing ideation sessions, developing products, finding vendors and understanding customer needs.

Coaching support for each module (optional, on-demand)

Each module includes an optional coaching service with case studies, advisory and Q&A about unique problems/situations that need to be addressed in the clients organization.

View from the Top on Innovation

Corporate performance and governance: An interview with Mr. Jim Leech, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP). A message to CEOs on performance benchmarks, governance, risk consciousness and performance systems. First, risk consciousness needs to be built into all processes of the business. It needs to be integral to the compensation and investment process. At times, management has taken on significant levels of risk to produce superior results so that they could increase their compensation. Risk needs to be brought into the equation. Senior executives are starting to understand that. Read the interview.

Globalive’s view on the Innovation Planning Imperative: An interview with Mr. Anthony Lacavera, CEO, Globalive Communications Corp. Mr. Lacavera says its critical for companies to be prepared to grow in a profitable and sustainable way. Globalive’s strength has been low management turnover and a strong, cohesive and consistent strategy. The company’s drivers of success have been the right team and a consistent and disciplined approach. Read the interview.

Brand leadership and vision for innovation: An interview with Mr. Geoff Craig, VP & GM, Brand Building. Mr. Craig argues that leadership is about having a vision for innovation and creating a framework for action around the vision to allow partners and employees to pioneer new ways of working. Read the interview.

Innovation in Manufacturing and return on capital : An interview with Mr. Andrew Tremblay, Business Development Manager, Domtar EarthChoice, Corporate Markets Canada, Domtar Corp. Mr. Tremblay says that in capital intensive businesses, innovation needs to be seen as a way to get better return on the capital employed. Read the interview

A shared vision for innovation and change: An interview with Ms. Kathryn Fitzwilliam, Corporate Vice President, Marketing Resources. Ms. Fitzwilliam says first and foremost you need to make sure that people understand and support a shared objective. Read the interview.