Certified Innovation Professional (CIP):

Become certified as a world-class innovation expert in three simple steps.

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Are you a manager or team leader who is interested in driving innovation, growth and high performance in your organization through strategic innovation? If yes, the Certified Innovation Professional (CIP) designation from the Arcus Innovation Institute will help augment your skills and create a sustainable culture of innovation in your organization. The courses guide you through the entire innovation process, from building an initial business case to making innovation a sustainable practice.


Through discussions, group exercises and case studies, you’ll identify, plan and execute your own innovation projects and engage with other innovation-minded business leaders. All courses provide practical experience you can apply immediately and effectively.


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Designed for creative organizations

Designed for anyone interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline, from creative minds to innovation professionals to business leaders. Four levels of mastery certificates are available.

  • Gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive strategic innovation in your organization.
  • Get hands-on experience in identifying, planning and executing your own innovation projects.
  • Acquire the expertise to introduce breakthrough concepts to identify, design, develop, and deliver great ideas and successfully deploy innovations throughout the organization.
  • Learn new strategic approaches and leverage tools to manage products, processes, technology and an innovation culture as well as identify new sources of revenue and profitability.

Practical applications of CIP

  • Assess innovation opportunities and apply frameworks and processes within your organization.
  • Customize an innovation strategy for your area of interest or organization.
  • Make informed decisions about research and development (R&D) and innovation.
  • Use customized metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your initiative.
  • Create, lead and sustain a culture of innovation.

CIP Certificate Requirement(s)

  • At least three years of relevant work experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Strategic innovation management methods and practices

Arcus is renowned for the development and advancement of strategic and innovative management methods and practices. That’s why we continually reevaluate and enrich our program material to address the most critical business issues in the area of strategic innovation.

Participants in the CIP program will leave with a comprehensive model of innovation strategy execution, data-based insights that will help identify concrete opportunities to improve an organization’s capacity to achieve goals, best practices from some of the most effective organizations in the world, and a strategy for execution that is easy to communicate and translate into action. Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of the innovation ecosystem, an understanding of search engine marketing, advertising, ad auctions, and more.




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