Deploy your innovation initiative.


In the third section of the Arcus Innovation Roadmap, you will lay the groundwork for a successful launch of your innovation project, including success influencers such as how to manage stakeholder expectations, develop customers and measure the impact of your initiative.


Deploy the Innovation Plan.


In this phase, you will finalize your plan for the deployment of your innovation initiative. You will engage with external and internal teams, develop launch plans, develop frameworks and metrics to measure the impact of your innovation.


This section also covers a range of modules to help you to launch your innovation with your target audience. It will include “selling in” strategies and deployment plans to allow you to increase the probability of success.





Start your Innovation Plan. 

Review a sample Module – discover, design, develop and deploy.  Thousands of ideas, cases and videos in over 40 modules.

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Client Experience

Ricardo Moreno“The innovation roadmap provides a high level framework combined with detailed step by step explanations, which is grounded in the executional realities of new product developments. In my view, it is value-adding to both seasoned practitioners looking for a frame of reference for innovation projects, as well as to individuals looking to build or improve their innovation management competencies.” – Ricardo Moreno, Global Marketing Manager, Sustainable Operations at DuPont Sustainable Solutions 

A powerful results driven process and collaboration tool for individuals, teams and organizations.

Arcus Innovation Management Plan

Who is the Arcus Innovation Roadmap for?

AIR is designed to support supervisors and managers at all levels in a wide variety of change related challenges on a daily basis. The goal is to provide managers with a flexible roadmap that can be easily customized to meet unique needs.

What will you get from this resource?

You can access ideas and approaches in over 30 modules, based on a number of  key management themes. Each topic addresses common people, process, product and service challenges from culture change to developing a developing a new product strategy. Each topic uses a standard easy-to-use framework and takes about 1-5 hours to complete,  depending on your competency level.

  • A comprehensive four-stage self directed management program that starts with a complimentary* workshop for your team. Followed by a subscription to the roadmap, supported with optional one-on-one on-demand coaching and mentoring to each subscriber.
  • The self-directed program is available to Businesses, Government, Associations and Institutions for a low monthly subscription fee of just $10 or $100 per year. Many additional coaching, mentoring and consulting on-demand services are also available to guide the innovation process of your teams and organization.
  • A practical step-by-step guide to help teams develop, deploy and manage their innovation programs in many functional areas such as marketing, product development, HR or change management.
  • Contact us for bulk orders and to set up a customized corporate innovation intranet portal for your organization.
  • “How to” modules that help individuals and teams at small, mid and large organizations through the four stages of discovery, design, development and deployment. Arcus has deployed the  program at many public and private sector organizations with outstanding results.

* For 20+ annual subscriptions.