Health care remains a top priority for Canadians after decades of debate, significant increases in public funding, and intermittent attempts at reform by jurisdictions across the country.

An Arcus survey found that in most countries worldwide, health care is seen as a top priority by both governments and consumers. However, that is where the consensus ends. Today, national decision-makers are challenged with aging populations, increasing costs and huStart your free one-week Trial or select a Monthly or Annual subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime for a prorated refund.Contact us for bulk orders and to set up a customized corporate innovation intranet portal for your organization.After you subscribe, you will be redirected to your Account page where you can update your username and password. You will also receive an email confirming your subscription.

Start your free one-week trial

Start your free one-week trial or select a Monthly or Annual subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime for a prorated refund.Contact us for bulk orders and to set up a customized corporate innovation intranet portal for your organization.

Innovation in Healthcare

To address these challenges, Arcus has developed an Innovation Roadmap that will help healthcare professionals solve important problems in a team based process with four easy to manage phases of innovation: discover, design, develop and deploy. This self administered set of modules offer teams the flexibility to progress individual responsibilities within a project and reassemble frequently to exchange ideas and manage progress.

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap healthcare scan research includes interviews with over 220 C-level executives, 1500 CMO/CTO/CNO and 2130 frontline staff each year on challenges healthcare organizations face in delivery of superior patient care. We have also helped prescription, OTC, biotech organizations with their most challenging operations, people and growth strategies.

Arcus Innovation Roadmap

The Arcus Innovation Roadmap is designed to empower individuals and teams to design, develop and deploy innovations in people, process, product, service and hundreds of other areas. The Roadmap has over 30 in-depth modules clustered under four major innovation steps to allow for flexible learning to meet unique requirements.

Applications in healthcare

Hospitals, healthcare units, ministries and governments: We know it takes a dedicated healthcare team, supported by an innovative practice setting, to provide exceptional patient care. To achieve this goal, the Arcus Innovation Roadmap helos teams manage their culture, processes and patient interactions to transform the delivery of care.Case StudyInnovation objective: Improving Patient Safety and Experience of CareA team in a 60-bed medical unit within a Hospital needs to transform itself to implement evidence-based practice and further enhance patient experience.

The Innovation Roadmap allows the team to deploy a streamlined approach to care, design a better patient safety plan and augmented experience by integrating advanced technologies with a best practice approach that has been implemented in other countries (in this specific case at a hospital in Denmark). The outcome enables nurses and other inter-professional team members to spend more time at the bedside, providing hands-on care.

The concept, design and implementation of the Innovation Plan delivers tangible improvements in care and also patient and staff satisfaction.

Innovation Outcomes- Smart Strategies for patient care


Smart beds that can help communicate safety alerts to staff to manage and prevent adverse events such as falls. Develop safety protocols for patients at risk with side rails, brakes and bed exit alarms for caregivers to deploy. Deploy a built-in scale for accurate weighing of patients.


Smart stations for every room with timely patient information so that caregivers have access to information when they need it. Allow caregivers to be more responsive to patient needs, to improve patient outcomes and deliver a superior patient experience.

Introduce Smart badges with locational information to identify staff movements across units. Improve response times to any patient calls, deploy better staff communication and assess care velocity.

Better Hand hygiene support system to alert staff of hand-hygiene opportunities and monitor events through proximity sensors.

Territory Alignment & Sales Force Deployment: Implementing a sales force strategy through optimized field alignment requires better resource utilization and target coverage. The territory field alignment and deployment process needs to be designed to facilitate better change management and field buy-in.

Medical distribution and market entry assessments: Arcus helps clients who are interested in market entry feasibility and in market assessments. These may include Canadian medical supply distribution consulting and identification of partners. Learn more about medical distribution and market entry services.

Prescription Pharmaceuticals: We advise clients on opportunities in sales force optimization, marketing, patient-physician communication, and pharmaceutical marketing. Because substantial investments in the next blockbuster require strong predictable results, we help clients develop sound business and marketing strategies. We also address issues such as sales force optimization, product launches, DTC advertising, and market research of products.

Insight: A recent study found that high prescribing physicians receive three to five times as many calls from sales reps as they did 10 years ago. Today’s pharmaceutical rep is vying with a massive army of competitors for diminishing physician time. Many sales reps even have to compete with others from their own company.

OTC Medicines: We help clients assess growth opportunities in competitive categories, explore partnerships with consumer product companies, challenges of customer insight mining, and measure the impact on marketing campaigns on sales.

Biotechnology: We help pharmaceutical biotechnology companies identify promising business growth opportunities and assist clients in developing partnership and acquisition strategies.

Medical Products and Diagnostics: The large and diverse challenges in medical products and diagnostics require proven strategies with unique competitive positioning. We work with clients to identify new marketing opportunities based on deep insights from physician, stakeholder and healthcare organization market research.